October 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25
@ 8p & 11p

October 26

@ 4p & 8p


Mid-City Theatre

3450 Toulouse St.


Beaming down to Mid City Theatre, New Orleans, LA, and starting on October 10th is the comedy event of the season that puts the audience in the Captain's Chair:




From the mind of Harold Gervais comes this wild night featuring Original Series episodes of  the legendary Trek  Series.


Each night the fun begins with the choosing, at random by audience members, the episode to be performed by our high-flying crew including Big Easy Winning actors: Yvette Hargis, Joe T. Seibert, Cammie West, Jake Bartush, Kerry Cahill and Amanda Zirkenbach.  Also on board AshleyRose Bailey, Rudy Rassmussen, Lynae LeBlanc, Ren French, Matt Story, Hope Barnard, Carlos Gonzalez , Sherri Marina

 and more!


Other lucky audience members get to choose, also by random, the characters and cast members who will play them. This ensures a different show every night and unlimited possibilities...everyone wants to play Spock!!


Win the trivia contest and be the lucky Trekkie who reads the show's legendary introduction in their best Captain James Tiberius Kirk voice...boldly go where no one thought they could...or would...or should...


To add to the out of-this-world fun Mid City Theatre will be hosting food trucks in the parking lot as well as signature Trek-inspired drinks at the bar, blooper reels and more....be sure to stock up on  Romulan Ale so you can take part in the drinking games during the show...

Chris Marroy